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Dress attire that is appropriate for a Country Club community is required for all Cottonwood Palo Verde facilities and amenities. A clean and neat appearance is expected.

The dress code applies to all Sun Lakes Homeowners, Guests, Visitors, Renters and children over the age of 12.   

NOT ALLOWED Attire for Cottonwood Palo Verde facilities and amenities:

Palo Verde Dining Room:
Denim wear with holes or frayed
Midriff-exposing tops
Sleeveless shirts and T-shirts for men (children 12 and under may wear      t-shirts; men may wear turtle necks and mock turtle necks)
Shorts, skirts or dresses shorter than mid-thigh
Visors, golf and baseball hats
Swimwear with or without cover-ups

Cottonwood Bar & Grill, Palo Verde Lounge, banquet facilities and restaurant patios:
Midriff-exposing tops
Sleeveless T-shirts for men 
Shorts, skirts or dresses shorter than mid-thigh
Swimwear with or without cover-ups
(covered swimwear allowed for ordering/picking up take-out orders)

Cottonwood Palo Verde golf facilities:
Midriff-exposing tops, tanks tops, halter tops, swimwear, and T-shirts
(turtle neck and mock turtle neck shirts are permitted)
Shorts, skirts or dresses shorter than mid-thigh
Denim wear which is frayed or has holes
Golf shoes with metal spikes
Bare feet

Cottonwood Palo Verde swimming pool areas:
Denim wear
Diapers and swim diapers  

Tennis, Racquetball, Pickleball Courts:
Proper sport attire and non-marking court tennis shoes are required.

Fitness Center
Appropriate workout attire is required.  Athletic shoes must have heel and toe enclosed.

Please remember that this is a country club and all patrons are expected to present themselves in a well-respected manner. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to inform guests of the policy.

Decisions regarding questionable attire will be made at the discretion of Facilities Management.



Cottonwood Palo Verde @ Sun Lakes HOA
25219 S. EJ Robson Blvd.
Sun Lakes, Arizona 85248

*Cottonwood Palo Verde at Sun Lakes is an age 55 and older housing community
in accordance with the Arizona and Federal Fair Housing Acts.